We Stich These Wounds (2010)

1. "The Outcasts (Call to Arms)"

2. "We Stitch These Wounds

3. "Beautiful Remains"

4. "Children Surrender"

5. "Perfect Weapon"

6. "Knives and Pens"

7. "The Mortician's Daughter"

8. "All Your Hate"

9. "Heaven's Calling"

10. "Never Give In"

11. "Sweet Blasphemy"

12. "Carolyn"

Set The World On Fire (2011)

1. "New Religion"

2. "Set the World on Fire"

3. "Fallen Angels"

4. "Love Isn't Always Fair"

5. "God Bless You"

6. "Rebel Love Song"

7. "Saviour"

8. "The Legacy"

9. "Die for You"

10. "Ritual"

11. "Youth & Whisky"

RawrImmaEatYa 21:31, August 24, 2012 (UTC)

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